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The Pippa Jones Little Treasure Trust

Supporting families who have children with cancer
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Pippa's Story


 Pippa Jones was two years old when she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.  She was a beautiful, bright little girl who loved to meet new people. She adored her baby brother Matthew and enjoyed bossing him around. She was extremely chatty and anyone who happened to say hello to her would be rewarded with a lengthy conversation about anything and everything.


One day in October 2008,  Pippa's mum noticed that her left eye was not working properly.  Within 3 days her eye had closed completely and her parents were told she had a brain tumour which had grown down into her face and was pushing against a nerve in her eye.  After an agonising wait, a biopsy revealed that the tumour was cancerous and fast growing.

In December 2008 Pippa had two 14 hour surgeries within the space of 8 days.   Chemotherapy followed quickly afterwards and she was allowed home on Christmas Eve for a few days.


More chemotherapy followed and then Pippa underwent 24 sessions of radiotherapy, each one under a general anaesthetic.  Despite how tired and ill her treatment made her, Pippa always entertained her family, friends and hospital staff with her funny stories and constant chatter.


Pippa’s treatment ended in April 2009 and for a while it looked as though everything was going to be okay.  In September Pippa’s eye started to deteriorate again.   Following a further MRI scan, Pippa's family were given the devastating news that her cancer had returned and was incurable.  Pippa died 6 months later on 15th March 2010 a few days before her 4th birthday.