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The Pippa Jones Little Treasure Trust

Supporting families who have children with cancer
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Pippa aged 2
 Pippa and  baby brother Matthew 

Our Aims 
Set up in  May 2010,  The Pippa Jones Little Treasure Trust  supports children with cancer and their families by:
  • Providing activity bags for children aged 1 to 12 and gift bags for teenagers who have cancer.


  •  Providing treasure bags for the brothers and sisters of the child with cancer.


  • Offering financial assistance towards childcare costs (e.g. nursery fees, after school clubs) and school uniforms


  • Providing grants for research into childhood brain tumours.


  • Contributing towards expenses where sick children and their families need to travel abroad for specialised treatment.




Our Activity Bags
Having spent many months in hospital with Pippa, we found one of the difficulties was keeping her entertained. The play therapists and school room at the hospital helped immensely by providing activities, and we want to build on the importance of distraction through play by supplying our activity bags to support their work. 
Visit our "Activity Bags" page for more details.
Help with Childcare Costs
When your child becomes seriously ill with cancer, your world is turned upside down. As a parent you want to spend all your time with your ill child but if you have other children this isn't always possible.  Some families have grandparents and friends who can care for the ill child's brothers and sisters, but other families don't have this kind of support and the cost of childcare is expensive.
The Pippa Jones Little Treasure Trust  provides funding of up to £500 per family for childcare which covers costs such as;
  • Nursery fees
  • Breakfast clubs
  • After school clubs
  • Holiday clubs
  • Childminder fees
  • Any other structured or regular childcare related costs
We also provide financial help for teenage mums with cancer who need help caring for their children while they have treatment.
Help with other expenses
  • We provide a grant of up to £200 per family towards the cost of school uniforms.
  • If your child requires treatment abroad we will contribute to the family's travel and accommodation expenses.


Hospitals and Organisations we currently support:


  • Sheffield Children's Hospital
  • Weston Park Teenage Cancer Unit
  • Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle)
  • The Rainbow Trust Children's Charity (covering Manchester, Leeds, Durham and Southampton and Cumbria)
  • Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool
  • Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Christie's Young Oncology Unit
  • Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham
  • Birmingham Children's Hospital



Contributing Towards Research into Childhood Brain Tumours

Lack of funding in brain tumour research is a major issue. Other, higher profile conditions receive up to 15 times the government funding available for research, even though brain tumours are the second most common form of cancer affecting children.

Brain tumours now kill more children than leukaemia in the UK and are the biggest child cancer killer.

In the last 10 years funding for cancer research has more than doubled but brain tumours still receive less than 2% of this.  Massive investment in research for other cancers, including leukaemia, has seen their survival rates increase.  This needs to happen for brain tumours as well.

The Pippa Jones Little Treasure Trust donates up to £5,000 per annum to specific projects involving research into childhood brain tumours.

Collaborative Projects

In collaboration with Rainbow Children's Charity we have set up a Memories Project where children who are terminally ill work with the staff at Rainbow using resources provided by us to create gifts for their friends and families.